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About Us

Since 2010, Iumob provides online entertainment services to B2C market, and web and mobile products to B2B companies, focusing on digital technology and innovation.

The Iumob expertise is the result of:

  • Technological spirit, which is evident in the creation of innovative and sophisticated platforms;
  • Product development, from the concept stage to the launch and maintenance;
  • Strong expertise in marketing and ADV fields.

In 2011, we launched the LBS Social Dating community and, in the following years, many other Dating and Entertainment services.

Since 2017, when the new Freemium Platform with Credit Card Payment was created, Iumob started a new phase, which represents an innovation and an important change for the company, pushing IuMob into international business scenarios.

In 2019 Yooppe is born, a Dating service for app and web which has become, in a very short time, the top of the line.

Yooppe can boast international approval and exclusive launch on Facebook.

Professionalism, a long experience in the web and mobile field, and a strong spirit of innovation, lead the company to look for cutting-edge solutions every day, and to be 100% flexible, in response to a growing and changing market.

Our History

May 2010

Iumob was founded
Search for financial partners to start up the business

July 2011

Funding from the Seed Fund of Lombardy Region

Development of the first platform with location-based technology

October 2011

Design of Iumeet, the first Italian dating website with mobile payment

October 2013

Launch, in France, of the first dating service in white label, with Internet Pay mode

August 2014

The DoveMiVuoi dating community was born

December 2014

Launch, in Spain, of the second dating service in White Label

April 2015

Creation and Launch of the Platform for Advertising Management;

May 2015

Launch, in France, of the Iumeet dating community (iumeet.fr), with Internet Pay mode

November 2015

Launch of the first themed community location-based in White Label

February 2016

Release of a new multi-channel platform for themed community location-based, related to games and technology

June - December 2016

Themed community, about motors, music, cooking, travel, sports and cinema, were born

June 2017

Iumob’s official entry into the world of credit card payments, and launch of the first Freemium product of Casual Dating.

January 2018

Iumob launches new Casual Dating Freemium products in Italy and Europe, with credit card payments solutions.

May 2019

Yooppe, dating product for app and web, is born. Exclusive partnership with Facebook and approval also in Europe.

Work in progress

Iumob is working on new projects in North America.

Our Team

Iumob has offices in Milan and Terni and operates its services throughout Europe, particularly in Italy, France, Spain and Germany, and operates globally. For years, it has been working with the most important mobile and web ecosystem players, to ensure exclusive and original digital services:


Iumob is a company founded by web and mobile specialists, former managers of important Italian companies, who have decided to combine their expertise and skills, gained in a 20-year experience, for the launch of digital products to the B2B and B2C markets.

Renato Della Bella
CEO di Iumob

Paolo Manotti
CEO di Iumob

Giuseppe Scollato
CTO di Iumob

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