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Iumob is a leader in the conception, design, creation and management of technology platforms, and highly innovative and user-friendly web & mobile services.

The company also offers its customers digital payment solutions to access all products and services, either by credit card payment or directly from mobile.

Thanks to the technologies developed over the years, and the experience gained in marketing and advertising, Iumob is able to monetize traffic and any kind of digital content.

Our Advantages

  • Expertise in the web and mobile field, focusing on technology and innovation;
  • Monetization of any digital content and entertainment channels, for Iumob’ brands and Merchant;
  • A diversified offer for different segments of the industry and types of audience;
  • Design, creation and management of platforms, also in White Label;
  • Process control and management throughout the production cycle of a service;
  • Direct payment system, via mobile payment and credit card, for Freemium and Premium services, both on-demand and in subscription;
  • Customer Support h24, in IVR and Operator mode, with the assurance and quality of the services provided by leading world industry suppliers;
  • Support to Innovative and Technological Startups in launching new products and services, through the Iumob Lab business incubator;
  • Services management all over Europe, thanks to international partnerships;

The company offers B2B and B2C services operating in three different business areas:

digital payments

Digital Payments

All products and services can be managed either by different digital payments solutions, based on the type of product.

Thanks to a long experience in Digital Payments, Iumob is able to support Merchants finding the more convenient digital payments solution for their services.


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Community Location Based

Social Dating & Community

In 2011, the first highly innovative LBS Social Dating Community is born.

Since its market entry, Iumob has launched many products related to the world of dating and themed communities, operating through own brands and B2B market in White Label mode.


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Iumob supports Merchants in traffic on web and mobile, and monetize any kind of digital content.

Moreover, Iumob enable Merchants to monetize web and mobile traffic, and any kind of digital content, by conversion on the right channels.


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