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Social Commitment

Iumob is an integral part of corporate social commitment in Italy.
The Company has chosen to take a challenge, helping non-profit organizations, going ahead with social and cultural development, and supporting the community.


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How many ways does the company work in the social?

Support for no-profit organizations

Iumob’s social engagement ranges from donations to individual entities or projects, up to partnerships for events and campaigns, and also help to disabled people, people in economic difficulties and disadvantaged families.

Supporting a non-profit organization, for Iumob, is very important because every day allows the company to improve, share emotions and offer its expertise to those who need a hand.

If you are a nonprofit organization and want to get in touch with Iumob, send an email, telling us your story and what goals you want to reach.

Every project submitted, will be carefully evaluated to ensure real and lasting support over time.

Enterprice Volunteer

Iumob strongly believes in the value of soft skills, namely emotional and social skills, that only an active collaboration with those who need help can create.

For this reason, the company is delighted to participate in the days dedicated to enterprise volunteering, and to provide its team and its spaces to help the community.

Iumob is also always ready for new partnerships, which can promote the development of humanitarian projects, and support a campaign or event.


Iumob has always taken environment to heart, by promoting and transmitting the value of sustainability, even to its employees.

In Milan and Terni offices, every day we are committed to respect green practices, because Iumob firmly believes that being a sustainable company, can bring immense benefits, both to the environment and to the Company’s business model.

Sustainability areas:

•Attention in separating waste collection, and recycling and recovery of any waste;

•Reduction to 0% of waste paper, using only digital documents, for both indoor and outdoor use;

•Implementation of the main energy-saving rules, in order to optimize, as much as possible, electricity and gas consumption, and improve energy efficiency.

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