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Working in Iumob means getting into an innovative, dynamic and evolving company.

If you are passionate about mobile, technology and web, in Iumob you will find a stimulating, versatile, flexible, and at the same time serious and professional work environment.


Advantages of working in Iumob

Thanks to the different business entry paths, you will have the opportunity to increase your skills, while at the same time enjoying countless advantages:

    • Salary in line with experience;
    • Acquisition of new skills and competences;
    • Concrete knowledge of the digital world;
    • Continuous training;
    • Participation in events and trade fairs;
    • Company welfare plan, with many benefits.

In Iumob, for some years now, we offer our employees flexible work.

In fact all of them have received a technological equipment to work in the office as well as remotely.

Company Welfare Plan

Iumob has a corporate welfare plan that makes the entry into the company even more stimulating, and extremely competitive on the market.

Iumob’s corporate policy guarantees all employees an articulated package of benefits that aims to improve the quality of life of the worker and his family.

Flexible Benefits, with a specific budget, are paid each year and enable employees to receive reimbursements for family expenses, for home, for education, including kindergartens and kindergarten, for health expenses, payments to pension fund, recreational activities like travel, theater and much, much more.

Iumob has partnered with the corporate welfare company DoubleYou, which is part of the Zucchetti Group, and specializes in welfare plans for large national and international companies.

DoubleYou offers the guarantee of a large group, which has more than 1,200 client companies and manage 100,000,000 welfare credits, and the reliability of a very rich offer and highly qualified suppliers.

The corporate welfare program we provide has significant advantages for our employees and their families, since:

  • is tax-free;
  • is available for the whole family;
  • improves the work environment and the Employer employee relationship.

We believe that projects like these, can bring concrete benefits to the life quality of all, and represent a key point of differentiation.

Internship or Apprenticeship

If you are a bachelor, and wish to have a complete work and training experience, Iumob offers you an internship or apprenticeship program for job placement, that will enable you to get skills and start a new career in technology field.
Please send your resume to risorseumane@iumob.it, it will be evaluated as soon as possible.

Job offers

Iumob is always looking for new talents, then we suggest you to consult all the job offers in Milan and Terni, and submit your detailed resume, accompanied by a cover letter with photo.

If your profile matches, you will be invited to a preliminary interview at one of our offices.


Did not you find the job you are looking for? You can send your application to risorseumane@iumob.it, your resume will be stored and, if a search that suits your professional profile is triggered, you will be contacted by Human Resources.

By sending your application, you confirm to have read and accepted the Privacy Policy.

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