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Digital Payments

All paid products and services can be handled either by mobile payment or by credit card.

Digital payment solutions are of two types, and each of them offer significant benefit according to specific user needs.

Mobile Payments

Users interested in activating a Premium service subscription, or buy content in on-demand mode, easily, quickly, direct, and automatically, just paying with their mobile credit, they can rely on Mobile Pay-Sms Premium and direct billing, provided by mobile operators via Iumob’s platform.

Payment is made directly by credit card and 100% privacy is guaranteed.

Thanks to this option, user can immediately benefit from all of the Premium Services, and enjoy the fun at any time by simply activating a subscription, or by purchasing service on-demand from mobile.

Credit Cards

The most demanding users, instead, can get more exclusive paid services, which can be purchased via credit card and debit cards.

Credit card payments are safe, secure and can be made with the support of major international banking system such as Visa, MasterCard, Master, Amex, JCB, and so on.

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