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Digital Payments

All products and services can be managed either by different digital payments solutions, based on the type of product.

Thanks to a long experience in Digital Payments, Iumob is able to support Merchants finding the more convenient digital payments solution for their services.

In addition to this, through international partnership and agreements, Iumob can handle any currency.

Credit Cards

Since 2011, Iumob launched many Freemium and Premium products, related to dating and themed community.

Any innovative Freemium service can be purchased by credit card.

All platforms, developed by Iumob, are integrated with major international banking systems such as Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Amex, JCB, ecc.

Purchases are totally safe because Iumob makes use of:

  • security systems for transactions;
  • anti-fraud systems;
  • PCI-Compliant data protection systems.

Digital Billing

All Premium products can be purchased through mobile payments, with the Digital Billing system, which is a quick and easy process: users just need a smartphone.

Payments with digital billing system use high security standards, and are therefore not at risk of fraud.

In fact, consumer’s identity is protected throughout the transaction and there is no sharing of personal information.

The process is simple: users enters their phone number to make the transaction and then confirm it from their device.

Iumob is able to help Merchants in the implementation of Digital Billing system for their services or to find together the best payment solution.

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